26. Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire Estate Guest Cabins

Work was just completed on a unique project by MossCreek in New Hampshire. The owner of the largest privately owned section of land on Lake Winnipesaukee commissioned MossCreek to redesign several guest cabins located, literally, at the water’s edge. The cabins were in need of a design updating, but they could not be expanded beyond their existing size and had to blend in with their surroundings. The designers at MossCreek created new exteriors for the cabins, and made suggestions as to interior updates, all with the intent of maintaining their original charm. Amongst other visitors, the music group “Counting Crows” have been guests in the new-old cabins. Click the image to see photos of the completed cabins and their beautiful setting.

25. New England Region Photo Tour

The team at MossCreek has created several great projects in the New England region, so Brand Manager/Photographer Erwin Loveland made a whirlwind flight through the region to photograph many of them. With a couple diversions due to wintery weather, photo shoots were done in New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The whole trip was completed in only six days and it was most enjoyable to reconnect with some of our past clients. Please click the image to see some photos of the trip.

24. Quail Ridge Lodge, Louisville, Mississippi

Erwin Loveland, MossCreek Brand Manager and Photographer, recently flew down south to Louisville, Mississippi to photograph the MossCreek designed “Quail Ridge Lodge” project. The lodge serves as a conference facility, guest suites, and hunting lodge for a large manufacturing company located in Louisville. Erwin flew a Maule aircraft to an airport just 15 minutes from the lodge, and this enabled the entire trip and shoot to be done in one day. Click the image to see the photos.

23. Franklin, Tennessee Project Kick-Off

MossCreek just kicked-off a new project in Franklin, TN, which located just outside of Nashville. Our clients are building on a portion of a farm that has been in their family for quite some time, and are looking forward to sharing their new home with friends and, of course, grandchildren. As you will see in the photos, they were excited at the progress we made at our meeting. Please click the image to see more.

22. RiverDance Privately Owned Vacation Rental, Marshall, NC

MossCreek fans wanting to stay in a MossCreek Designed home can now do that! In Marshall, NC you will find “RiverDance”, a privately owned vacation rental that is available to all. Based on the MossCreek “Barn Owl” design, RiverDance was built by a couple that have always been great admirers of MossCreek, and they are happy to share the home with others. For more information you can check out You can also click the image for some recent photos of the home.

21. New York, Cabinetry Design at Clive Christian

MossCreek traveled to Manhattan’s Clive Christian New York to work with Jacqueline Weeman and the homeowners on the design of cabinetry for a new home on the drawing boards at MossCreek. The new home is a mix of Tahoe Lodge and English Manor styles and Clive’s English cabinetry was selected to counterpoint the masculine tone of the architectural design. Click the image to see photos.

20. High Mountain Camp Open House

The developers of the Sunalei Preserve community near Boone, NC one again turns to MossCreek for great design. MossCreek was commissioned to design a new clubhouse for the development, and MossCreek was invited to the recent open house event. MossCreek had already designed the main lodge for the development and the Vista Lodge residence. The “High Mountain Camp” clubhouse is the newest MossCreek design, and photos of all these projects can be seen in the Photo Gallery/Home Tour section of our website. Also, more MossCreek homes are underway within the development. Please click the image for additional photos of the open house event.

19. Seattle Area Residence Kick-Off

MossCreek recently traveled to the Seattle, WA area to kick-off the design of a new 13,000 s.f. estate home. The new home is to be built from stone and reclaimed timbers with forged steel banding. Not only did MossCreek have a chance to make the acquaintance of some new friends, but the time spent was very productive and much progress accomplished with the design. Click the image to see some photos and early sketches.

18. Cheyenne, Wyoming Project Kick Off

MossCreek recently traveled to the heart of Cowboy Country to kick off a new custom design. The project site is a 1500 acre spread just outside of Cheyenne Wyoming with blue sky views and amazing rock formations. Working from a folding table at the project site, we sketched out a home that took full advantage of the views. We even put the folding furniture to good use by “staging” the rooms within the footprint of the new home so as to visualize the views. While in Cheyenne, we also visited the Cowboy Hall Of Fame, wrangled an invitation to next year’s Frontier Days, and even did some Boot Scootin’ at a local watering hole. Click the image to see photos of the project kick-off.

17. Suncadia Resort Meeting

Members of the MossCreek team met with the Jennifer Kramer, Design Review Manager of Suncadia to review the development’s current design objectives for a client project in Suncadia. While there, they also visited completed MossCreek homes in Suncadia and Tumble Creek. Suncadia is located in Cle Elum, WA. Click here to see the photos.