56. Reclaimed and Repurposed Barn Becomes a Nature Center

One of the more interesting and rewarding projects MossCreek has been involved in is now complete and serving the community. MossCreek was approached by the Palmer family of LaTrobe, PA to help create a lasting tribute to Mrs. Winnie Palmer. A centuries-old timber frame barn had been chosen by Mrs. Palmer to become a Nature Center, and also be part of the St. Vincent’s University campus. As an integral part of the project, MossCreek was commissioned to do a historical survey, and to create “as-built” drawings of the barn. Once this information was gathered, MossCreek then developed plans for the restoration and re-purposing of the barn into a Nature and Interpretative Center. The barn was then disassembled, moved, re-assembled, and remodeled to its new form. Please click on the image to see several before and after photographs of this rewarding project. We think you will agree that the Barn is now restored to its former beauty, and is filling a new role as the Winner Palmer Nature Reserve admirably.